Board members

  • Prof. Dr. Elga de Vries
    Prof. Dr. Elga de Vries Board
  • Dr. René Musters
    Dr. René Musters Board and Facility Manager
  • Dr. Richard Jaspers
    Dr. Richard Jaspers Board
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Hordijk
    Prof. Dr. Peter Hordijk Board


Facility operators

  • Evelien Timmermans
    Evelien Timmermans Facility Operator
  • Jeroen Kole
    Jeroen Kole Facility Operator
  • Nanne Paauw
    Nanne Paauw Facility Operator
  • Gerard de Wit
    Gerard de Wit Facility Operator
  • Allert Jonker
    Allert Jonker Facility Operator
  • Hans Korfage
    Hans Korfage Facility Operator


EM facility

  • Rien Dekker
    Rien Dekker EM operator
  • Dr. Jan van Weering
    Dr. Jan van Weering VU/VUmc EM facility manager
  • Joke Wortel
    Joke Wortel EM operator



Executive Board

Elga de Vries (EdV), Wilma van de Berg (WvdB), Richard Jaspers (JP), Peter Hordijk (PH) and René Musters (RM) (*Chair and AO|2M core facility manager).

Scientific Advisors

Marjolein van Egmond (MvE), Reina Mebius (RM), Coen Ottenheim (CO), Pieter Voorn (PV) and Jan van Weering (JvW, EM facility manager).

Core facility technicians/operators

Jeroen Kole (JK), Nanne Paauw (NP), Evelien Timmermans (ET), Allert Jonker (AJ), Hans Korfage (HK), Gerard de Wit (GdW), Joke Wortel (JW, EM facility), Rien Dekker (RD, EM facility) and Nico Blijleven (NB, ICT and datamanagement).

@genda! = electronic agenda reservation system; and Mmeeting = monthly user meetings.