The Nikon A1R+ confocal scanning laser microscope platform at AO|2M has received the first HD resonant scanner upgrade in Europe. With this new upgrade AO|2M users are able to scan 1024*1024 pixels in resonant scanning mode, enabling faster and more sensitive image acquisition at high resolution. 


Below are some data to compare the HD resonant scanner with the previous version.


Increased no. pixels from 512*512 to 1024*1024 with only twofold reduction in speed. Hover with your mouse over the image to see the 1024px increase!


Increased sensitivity due to faster writing capabilities of the detectorboard. Hover with your mouse over the image to see the increase in contrast!

Upper sample: zebrafish with GFP fluorescent vasculature, injected with far-red labeled dextran. Sample courtesy: Kinki Jim (MMI, VUmc, Amsterdam).

Lower sample: endothelial cells labeled with DAPI, tubulin-488 and actin-555. Sample courtesy: Nikon