AO|2M received an Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) equipment grant for expanding its research capabilities with a spectral detector on the Nikon A1R+ HD platform. 


The Nikon A1 DUS spectral detector has 32 channels, allowing acquisition of a 512 px image in 0.6 seconds. Moreover, 512 x 32-pixel images can be captured at 24 fps. Using the unmixing capabilities of the A1 DUS spectral detector, live unmixing of closely overlapping fluorescence spectra becomes possible. It has been demonstrated that two fluorophores with identical excitation spectra and only 5nm difference in peak-emission can be unmixed. This feature will allow researchers to investigate more complex protein-protein interactions in both fixed and living samples.


Actin of HeLa cell expressing H2B-YFP was stained with Phalloidin-Alexa Fluor® 488. Spectral image in the 500-692 nm range captured with 488 nm laser excitation Left: Spectral image, Right: Unmixed image (green: Alexa Fluor® 488, red: YFP) Specimen courtesy of: Dr. Yoshihiro Yoneda and Dr. Takuya Saiwaki, Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University