This is the 6th ZOO meeting since 1993. The ZOO meeting series has become a landmark event in the field of cell adhesion and migration due to unique theme selection, high scientific profile with excellent speakers and limited number of attendees ( < 200).

The themes address molecular cell biological principles in the fields of cancer and immunology, with focus on cell-tissue interaction, migration and cell-cell communication. The speakers are leaders in their field and all make extensive use of imaging in their research. Scientific sessions will offer the latest developments in mechanobiology, leukocyte trafficking and cancer cell invasion. Live cell confocal imaging, super resolution imaging, quantitative imaging using innovative approaches and biosensors and computational modelling will be highlighted as part of the presentations.

The meeting will be organized in the Rotterdam Zoo conference facilities. For more information visit this link.

Registration for the event before April 1st 2019 via this link.